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Azure & Datacenter

Cloud, hybrid, on-premises, network, backup, virtualization, monitoring, windows server

Modern Workplace & Devices

UX, MECM, Intune, logistics, deployment, device management

O365 & Productivity

Microsoft Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, AskCody

Identity & Security

Microsoft Identity Management, AD, ADFS, GDPR - and security in everything

Citrix & Citrix Cloud

Workspace, virtualization, network and content - with the best Citrix consultants in Denmark


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Azure Clan Members

Become part of edgemo's Azure Clan Members. We gladly share our experience and encourage you to do the same. Together, we can become smarter and more talented – and we do all that while having fun.


edgemo networking

edgemo is a community and we invite you to join. We gladly share our experiences and encourage you to do the same. Together, we can only get smarter and more talented while having fun together as well…


HPE Executives

Our networking group, HPE Executives, is now expanding with meetings in both Sealand and Jutland. Therefore, we are recruiting new members. The members are system administrators, or similar, with one…

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edgemo services

Guaranteed the right help

Do you want a guarantee that you have help available when things go off the rails? Then, our Microsoft Critical Preparedness might be of interest. We answer calls 24/7 and respond within seconds. We a…

edgemo & friends

We created something new and revolutionary when we launched edgemo in 2011. We have now continued our progress as a part of Danoffice IT giving us global reach and a joint plan of action for the future. We deal in IT, but it is not just about IT.

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edgemo's shop can be customized to your exact needs. Create a user, receive great offers, and customize your solution.

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