We created something new and revolutionary when we launched edgemo in 2011. We have now continued our progress as a part of Danoffice IT giving us global reach and a joint plan of action for the future. We deal in IT, but it is not just about IT.  

At edgemo, we are taking baby steps through a paradigm-shift geared towards a more business-minded IT mindset in Denmark, a mindset in which the service is at the forefront. This development is reflected in our three delivery structures:

  • Do it yourself with the hardware and the licenses - we will of course guide you along the way
  • Do it together with our Infrastructure Specialists in Consulting Services
  • We do it for you by using our edgemo Services

Our five areas of expertise are founded in the IT infrastructure that forms the backbone of your applications. We provide guidance in and out of the cloud, deliver devices that are fully ready for use and provide you safe and secure access to your data.

Our Customers

The solutions within our areas of expertise are used in most organizations. The edgemo people are experienced in managing private and government organizations -big and small, national and international. We are specialists with open minds. Our primary focus is on a close relationship because when communication flows and we know each other well, the tasks will be solved in the best possible way. 

Our homebase is in Denmark. That means that our offices, logistics, and staging are all located in Hinnerup, Ballerup, and Svendborg, which makes it easy for us to collaborate well and provide excellent support. That said, we do deliver all over the world.  

This global reach is demonstrated by the fact that since 1995, Danoffice IT has specialized in supplying IT equipment to IGO’s and relief organizations that primarily serve in the developing countries. These organizations are characterized by having unique and demanding terms of delivery in more than 180 countries.

Meet an edgemo

edgemo has become the company we set out to be. We have become a company that places its focus on people, culture, and good relationships rather than numbers and tactics. Our customers are not just a number.

We offer you insight into the people behind edgemo under the common title: Meet an edgemo. You will have a look into the professional experience and the personality since it makes good common sense to tell you who you are getting, when you do business with us. See selected profiles here and click on one of our employees to read more about him/her.

We do not focus on titles, but hire only the best, both personally and professionally. Being skilled is not enough to make you a part of edgemo. We will always value personality over technical abilities, because we know that if you are not the best on a professional level, you can attain that in record time.

edgemo news

Here you will find the edgemo people’s travel reports, tech news, information about any new crew among other things. If you want the news right to your inbox, then subscribe to our monthly newsletter containing articles, news, invitations to events at the bottom of this page.


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