We all have social responsibility. It is our responsibility to be conscientious of social matters such as the environment and human rights, and to contribute to our society in a positive way. There are many ways to do this. The most crucial thing is that we do something and that our motivation is not marketing.  

At edgemo, one of our favorite causes is helping more people becoming educated into our interesting line of business and making IT accessible. This is because IT has a big impact. We can make a difference with IT and almost everything today has some form of IT associated with it. However, there is also a scarcity in IT manpower and if one is to believe the polling corporations, this is only going to get worse.

Common Action for the Future

Most of us are aware that the future of our planet depends on a massive, collective effort to resolve the climate challenges. Ambitious efforts are required and in particular from the corporations all over the world. It seems obvious that we cannot continue to operate as we have. However, the efforts made over the most recent years have shown that the road to a more climate conscious corporate world is filled with pitfalls when sorting out what are truly the right and most effective solutions.

Because of this, we at Danoffice IT and edgemo have committed ourselves to being members of the initiative Science Based Targets, SBTi.

We Have Committed Ourselves

We have committed ourselves to several international goals and standards. As part of our continuing commitment, we produce an annual Communication on Progress (COP) report which describes how edgemo, edgemo green and Danoffice IT work with sustainability, social responsibility, the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our CSR/ESG Manager, Henriette Normann-Ekegren.

Read our COP 2022 report

Educating new IT Talent

Since 2016, we have put effort into educating new talent in our business through an apprenticeship process. It takes time and training to assume the responsibility of educating an apprentice. This is an investment in both the person, society, and a talented employee.

But it is all worth it. Our experience at edgemo is only positive and we truly recommend investing in educating new IT talents. And since we are recommending ideas, let us add the notion of bringing in apprentices who did not initially see themselves as part of the IT business.

The Children’s Aid Foundation Supports Children in Foster Care

Not everyone is given the best opportunities to learn how to use IT. Sometimes, the challenge can be as simple as access to a PC. As an example, only very few children placed in foster care have the same digital opportunities as their peers raised in traditional families.

The Children’s Aid Foundation are doing something about this through the Children's IT Foundation through which children and youth in foster care are given their own PC. The purpose of this is to support the young people’s social and personal skillsets as well as increase their options for education since today, the PC is a key tool in the educational process.

edgemo provides help to the Children’s Aid Foundation, ongoingly, in order to aid their work in supporting children and youth in foster care in Denmark. We would like to encourage our network to support the work they do at the Children’s Aid Foundation, for instance by donating used IT equipment.  

Green IT, Good Business

At edgemo, we have a keen eye for IT that can both support and create good business. IT equipment can easily live several lives and thus be part of a cycle. When you assume a circular mindset, you can lessen the impact on the environment AND make money on your used equipment.

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