Modern Workplace & Devices

A World of Difference

Sometimes, professional partnerships go beyond the expected and create value for the involved parts to an extend where the relationship gets personal and trusted. This is in fact the case with our lon…

Azure & Datacenter

Powerful Relationships – Powerful Results

Walking hand-in-hand and having each other’s back is the be-all and end-all when forming a great relationship between two parties in business. This is the crux of the relationship between Lenovo, us,…

Azure & Datacenter

A Fibrous Solution

Since 1979, the Danish company Fiberline Composites has created unique solutions all over the world as a key contributor to the global adjustment to going green. The company supplies fiberglass soluti…

Azure & Datacenter

Stable Connection Between Ports

The shipping company, Royal Arctic Line, a 24/7 corporation, is a lifeline for society in Greenland. When more than half a million containers are to be shipped each year, it requires the perfect syner…

Modern Workplace & Devices

The Winds of Change

Vestas is a beacon for the green development. In 2017, they started a mobility journey which we at edgemo are proud to have been a part of. Vestas has managed to realize a global use of Apple devices…

O365 & Productivity

Let it come to life

The Covid-19 pandemic kicked Intego’s implementation of Microsoft Teams into gear. This became the story of how sometimes, you have to settle for basic policies of use and then just “let it come to li…

Modern Workplace & Devices

Like a Glove – or Oven Mitt

The kitchen conglomerate Nobia is heating things up in a business where it is crucial to get your piece of the pie. In many ways, this falls parallel to the IT business where it is important to change…

Modern Workplace & Devices

Collaboration in a League of its Own

Aarsleff was having problems with the PC deliveries. “We were seeing an increase in the times when things were just not running smoothly and we noticed that events such as Chinese New Year caused us g…

Identity & Security

The Perfect Attack

A story about one of the most successful cyber-attacks in most recent history. We have cut out the journalistic middleman and the detached experts. The story is not told by those who were hurt, but by…

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