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Like a Glove – or Oven Mitt

The kitchen conglomerate Nobia is heating things up in a business where it is crucial to get your piece of the pie. In many ways, this falls parallel to the IT business where it is important to change the recipe to set yourself apart from the others. This also affects the conglomerate’s IT, including the delivery of PC’s according to Nobia’s IT Department Manager of the IT Service Desk, Jesper Smedegaard Bertelsen. However, the IT solutions are not always a reinvention of the wheel, yet, with the trifecta of Nobia, Lenovo, and edgemo’s PC2go, we have come close to it. This has certainly made it easy for everyone to enjoy the buffet of opportunities in the workplace.

The successful kitchen conglomerate, Nobia, has got a solid grip in Scandinavia with their collection of strong brands and they have managed to maintain their momentum in a highly competitive market. Competitiveness is usually equal to high efficiency and a keen sense of business. This all comes into play when Jesper Smedegaard Bertelsen needs to ensure that 2,300 users throughout Scandinavia have access to the equipment which allows them to best do their job. The PC’s themselves do part of the work, but there is much more to it than that.

”In Denmark, our HtH stores certainly take up a bit of the corporation, but we are all over the northern countries. The 2,300 employees are distributed among 123 store fronts who are the front line for our three large factories.” Jesper Smedegaard Bertelsen says. Several brands under the same roof and several locations will make even the most experienced IT Manager sweat when managing the PC’s. But this is where edgemo’s service PC2go became the solution to Nobia’s need, and then some.

Portal to the Future

It is critical to Jesper and Nobia that the resources related to maintaining the corporation’s PC’s were kept to a minimum with that many users in both factories and store fronts. “Anyone can order a PC, but the way in which it is done, the process from ordering to preparation and start of use, those are all key elements. Being a Lenovo customer, which our company has been for years, we have to say that the PC2go service adds a valuable layer to acquiring PC’s. It all starts with edgemo customizing our own ordering portal from which we can order the devices without needing to have direct contact with edgemo. And the way it is constructed, that is a league of its own. we actually have made it a requirement for other vendors on other matters to have a proper portal“ Jesper says.

A Thousand Times Easier

In the Nobia corporation, leasing equipment is part of the business model according to Jesper. Yet edgemo’s PC deliveries stick out he says. ”Being able to have your corporation’s devices delivered as a subscription, that truly works. It is a thousand times easier for everyone. This way, you ensure the whole process from ordering to first usage. Being a Lenovo supplier, edgemo also sets itself apart by having a great solution in the form of their buffer inventory. This way, we avoid the challenges of Intel deliveries, Chinese New Year, etc.” Jesper says and continues: ”We have had a buffer inventory before I joined the company about two years ago, but given various issues in the world, we had to triple our inventory and they were actually able to deliver all that.”

From Complex to Liberated

At Nobia, Lenovo has been the preferred choice for a long time. “There is no cause to question the quality we get from Lenovo – their products fully accommodate our needs. However, I will say that when we get them delivered from edgemo this way, there is an increased value to the product” Jesper says, and adds: “We get the machines already rolled out with the right images and pre-defined programs, so already right there, we are saving resources. This is actually a journey I have been part of from the beginning and we started out with our SCCM with edgemo a couple of years ago. Today, this is done as a collaboration and the users can actually roll out the machines in the stores if they want to.” As such, Jesper once again confirms that the method adds value. “We have locked ourselves into four Lenovo models: For the laptops it is T590 and T490. Then we have the Yoga tablet, X390 and the powerful desktop computer M907Q. However, based on our needs, we get way down into customization of the machines on a technical level and the models are customized to the need. Our options here are excellent with a combination of Lenovo and edgemo’s PC2go.”

Rapid Growth – Without Interruption

During the roughly two years, Jesper has worked with edgemo, we have experienced exponential growth – also in the organization. With an increase of approximately 30 edgemo people per year, this could perhaps trigger a mild concern among the customers regarding the relationship and whether it would remain the same. In that regard, Jesper answers right to the point on his and Nobia’s behalf: “We do not notice it”, however, he does elaborate on this: “Klaus Stuckert is just as involved and service-minded as he has always been.”

”In fact, Klaus comes by to see us at least once a month. NOBODY else does that! He does this just to check on us, get a status review, share experiences and get input. So, what we notice, is that they continue to be proactive and they are there for us quickly, and when we need it.” Jesper Smedegaard Bertelsen says and concludes with: “In addition to our Lenovo PC’s, we use edgemo for essentially everything from phones to hardware in all respects and the great relationship is a key part of the reason behind this.”

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