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edgemo is a community and we invite you to become a part of it. We gladly share our experience and encourage you to do the same. Together, we can become smarter and more talented – and we do all that while having fun.

In 2019, after several requests, we started a new networking group which we would like to invite you to join: Azure Clan Members. The members of the group have the commonality that they have an interest in Microsoft Azure, for instance as systems administrators or a role of that nature for one or more datacenters. The group is run by both the members and edgemo, and it consists of more than 20 companies.

The networking group will be conducted in Danish.
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Meeting times: We meet once a quarter. It works out in that we can catch up on news from relevant international conferences and present them to you at the meeting.
The next meeting is Fall 2023.

Meeting format: The classic networking meeting is hosted at edgemo or by one of the members of the group. There might be a theme for the meeting and at times, we have relevant guest speakers. The unconventional networking meeting is, well,… unconventional. :-) As an example, another one of our networking groups went to a relevant conference together.

Members and initiators

The members of the group typically work in the same area of expertise and we work hard to ensure that the group members are all good fits for the group. Casper Lenander Jensen and Jimmy Wolfhagen initiated the networking group and are behind putting it on including inviting any relevant guest speakers.

Casper Lenander Jensen is the Head of Cloud Products at edgemo. He is the man who sees the big picture for Azure and who is not afraid of challenging customers, partners, and co-workers.

Jimmy Wolfhagen is a Cloud License Specialist at edgemo and the man who ensures proper preparation in relation to operations, finances, and security all needed for proper licensing.

Sign up

It is free to be a member of edgemo’s networking groups aside from what it may cost you to for instance host one of the meetings. However, the networking group is reserved to customers of edgemo. Sign up by completing the form below. We will confirm your attendance and contact you with more information shortly thereafter.

Azure Clan Members

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What would you like to see on the agenda? Feel free to add, in the comments section, any topic you would like to hear about in the networking group.