2 June 2022 at 13:00-14:30

edgemocca: Lenovo Think 2022

Denmark's very own Mr. ThinkPad a/k/a Flemming Märtens, Senior Product Manager for Think at Lenovo, will discuss all the exciting news from Lenovo's 2022 lineup as well as plans extending further into the future.

However, before you watch our own Flemming's presentation of June 2, take a peak at what our ThinkPad passionate co-worker, Marcus Zobbe, has discovered by looking over Flemming's shoulder. It appears that we have four main topics in the Lenovo camp that we will no doubt hear more about over coffee soon. 


Ambitious goals aimed at 2025 at which time all pc's must contain some post-consumer materials and 90% of all packaging must be made from recycled materials. The specific carbon footprint will be part of the product page for each product going forward.

Big Update

This time around, Lenovo is updating many models in terms of weight and size in particular. Several models will have 16:10 monitors and there is an increased focus on the camera (that deserves a YAY!)

ThinkPad Z-serie

A new ThinkPad Z-series is introduced in cooperation with AMD. The focus is placed on sustainability and design: recycled aluminum and vegan leather. Chose between bronze, leather or Artic Grey.

Qualcomm CPU

New ThinkPad X13s with Qualcomm ARM CPU,
which provides a long battery life and eliminates the need for a fan. It supports Pluton security architecture for processors developed by Microsoft's Xbox team and the Azure Sphere-program.

It goes without saying that security remains a critical factor and ThinkShield is expanded upon by adding focus to BIOS protection:

  • Self-Healing BIOS, which adds the option of firmware monitoring and event logging from BIOS Events
  • Certificate-based BIOS authentication rather than password-driven
  • ePrivacy monitor control in BIOS in order for the end-user to not have the ability to deactivate the privacy filter
  • BIOS updates from the cloud which enables working remotely to a much greater extent
  • New Ring My PC Tile, which makes it possible to bring up the last seen-information, even if the pc is turned off
  • Lenovo also promises to enter into a tighter cooperation with Microsoft to achieve better BIOS protection

Marcus is hoping that Flemming will bring up the fingerprint scanner and the new Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), which provides proactive monitoring and acts upon external threats.

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