Written by

Lars Baun Jensen, CEO

Morten G. Arknæs, Director, Sales Corporate & Public

We created something new and groundbreaking, when we founded edgemo almost 10 years ago. And now again, we’re part of something new - A whole new reality in Danish IT. Edgemo and Danoffice IT - in short: DOiT - are joining forces to become a new high roller in the Danish IT business. We started out 3, now we’re 110, and soon we’ll be 230.

As there is already an on-going generational change in our current ownership, the timing is close to perfect. But there’s more to it than timing. Edgemo and DOiT supplement each other perfectly in our offerings, competencies, geography and culturally actually, which has always been the cornerstone of edgemo.
It is a very big and important step, and we are looking very much forward to, together with DOiT, to become a strong contributor to the development of Danish IT for the future. At first, we do have to wait 2-6 weeks for the approval of the Danish authorities.

What does it mean to you and our collaboration?

In short term: Not much. Edgemo will continue as always for the rest of this year, with the same crew, and with me as CEO, and in our own right, until we have settled the details about our merger.

In the long run, you will be able to supplement what you get from edgemo today, with offerings within e.g. sustainability and network technologies. Our local presence abroad will undoubtedly strengthen our global logistics. Below, you will find information about DOiT, and how we supplement each other.

We have taken great care in forming the “marriage certificate”, and I promise, that we will continue with due diligence. You are always welcome to contact me, if you have questions or something to tell us.

edgemo's triad

edgemo’s current executives will continue in the follwing roles in the new organization, as well as being part of the new companys board of directors:

Kenneth Knude Jensen will become CTO with the responsibility of what is today known as Consulting Services and Managed Services.
Morten G. Arknæs will become CCO with the responsibility of all sales activities in Jutland and Funen, and will continue to be the primary contact for his current customers.
Lars Andersen becomes COO with the responsibility of Inside Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Operations. And Lars expects to continue to be the primary contact for some of his current customers.

Meet Danoffice IT / DOiT

Since the foundation in 1995, DOiT has specialized in supplying IT equipment for IGO’s (primarily United Nations) and NGO’s with important operations in especially developing countries. Operations characterized by particular and difficult logistical challenges in more than 150 countries. Today with a special focus on sustainability, which got an extra notch in the Fall of 2020, where they acquired Npvision Group, who has been dealing in refurbished IT equipment since 2010.

But Npvision and edgemo are not the only ones, DoiT joined forces with recently. In 2019, Datacon became part of the forward-rushing company. Datacon contributed with specialists within data center and network-technologies plus a focus on the private business market. The ERP business part of Datacon remains under the Datacon name.

Besides DOiT’s locations in Denmark, they have offices in Switzerland, The United States and soon in Asia, as the 3-year plan, besides a strong focus on sustainability, is a stronger presence on the Asian market.

The acquisition of edgemo supports the merged company’s strategy of becoming a highly recognized and accomplished partner for Azure, Modern workplace and Citrix.

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