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For years, the IT business has improved and educated itself in order to bring home the sought-after certifications that are often issued in precious metals. Microsoft has now changed its partner program from gold and silver skills to Solutions Partner designations. This is a shift designed to give the customer a better insight into what their supplier can actually do! We have achieved four of the new designations and therefore, we continue to be at the absolute top here at home.

A very satisfied Head of Cloud Products tells us about our new Solutions Partner designations: “Skills are not just for show. They are proof of very hard work. It is an education in which one continues to improve one’s partner skills. You become more skilled and create better results for the customers,” Casper Lenander Jensen explains. “From the customer perspective, it was previously not transparent what the many skills entailed. Because of that, Microsoft has changed their program on a fundamental level, wherefore, the skills are now referred to as Solutions Partner designations and they are now much more closely in line with their products. As such, they have six Solutions Partner designations and this is a drastic and positive improvement for everyone involved. We went for four of them and brought them all home, on time.”

More than a plaque on the wall

The key element of the program according to Casper, is that the partner status will benefit the customers. “We adhere to a long list of requirements and specialize within certain tracks. This is where the customer benefits. We have access to the most relevant customer programs and strategic feedback in very key areas. That is of great value to our consultants,” Casper says and continues: “We have always said that we have top-shelf consultants, and we still do. However, now it is no longer enough to have the right people. Now, our company has also been audited in terms of processes and methodology. As such, all in all, this is an assurance and reassurance to the customer.”

Focus on security

In our work to stay up-to-date and at the cutting edge of progress, we have a number of strategic goals and security naturally takes up quite a bit of space in these goals. “In the past, security was not a stand-alone issue in our business, it was more across the board. However, now, Microsoft has its own Solution Partner for Security designation. This works hand-in-hand with for instance our Solution Partner for Digital & App Innovation designation which my own Azure Team brought home,” Casper says.

The good thing about Microsoft’s new designations is that they are more easily understood by the customers. They are now aligned with what you want to share with the customers. There is a security focus, a Modern Workplace focus, and so forth. This also became clear at this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference during which they illustrated a new and strong connection between it all,” Casper Lenander Jensen, Head of Cloud Products at edgemo by Danoffice IT, concludes.

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