Doing business all over the world! Being a global entity has been the vision since the early beginnings of Danoffice IT. For more than two decades, they have created a unique platform for international commerce. Toghter we get out to the furthest corners of the world and to more than 180 countries. The ones who make this possible are our team of highly specialized employees. Morten Pihl is one of Danoffice IT’s own all stars who has a global reach in his work and thus has created his own specialized experience. This experience is now being recognized by Dell Technologies in that they are bestowing upon him their lifetime achievement award called Channel All Star. 

Morten is the only one at Danoffice IT to be awarded this honor by Dell Technologies. However, according to Morten, he is a part of a whole team of stars. This is not to say that he does not greatly appreciate the recognition since clearly, many years of work lay behind it: “Normally, I actually do not worry too much about those things. But obviously, this is related to a very central part of my job so I am proud and very grateful to have been included in this global exclusive club of Channel All Stars, which it in fact is,” Morten says and continues: “In this respect, I would like to point out my colleagues and partners in this collaboration who are very close to me, but who are physically very far from me. One of my largest global customers is a leading aid and relief food program headquartered in Rome. And in Rome, Dell Technologies has a powerful team with whom I work closely. At Danoffice IT, we had won a large global contract, among others, with Dell Technologies, Italy where these three stars, with whom I work very closely, are located. These three are: Giancarlo Milozzi, Anna Cominetti, and Gianluca Serrao”.

Danoffice IT’s collaboration model with Dell Technologies crosses many borders and it is certainly a challenge, Morten acknowledges. “Every day, I work on my relationships. This is a constant need. We have created a trinity between Dell, us, and the customer which is why I absolutely must highlight my close cooperation partner and co-star in Dell Technologies, Trine Brinks Jedig Busk. She is an absolute superstar.”

Relationship facilitator who understands people

Dell Technologies, which put Morten up for this award, gladly adds words to the nomination, Trine says: “Morten Pihl from Danoffice IT has put in a phenomenal amount of effort in the partnership with us. He has helped us lift our share of the wallet on this very large customer as well as given us the opportunity to win new large projects together. This includes a job in Yemen. Morten is a talented relationship facilitator and has displayed a profound understanding of both our solutions and the people who work to create the opportunity to deliver those solutions. Morten is proactive in the collaboration and a true promoter of Dell Technologies”, she says.

Morten adds to this himself: “The terms of the market are not easy, but we are really good and we create results. All sides want this contract to work out. For me and for Danoffice IT, it is very important that the contract is fruitful and valuable both for them and naturally for the customer as well. We even ensured that the contract belongs to Dell Technologies in Rome. I put great effort into making sure we understand Dell Technologies and their products because through the work on the relationship, we can create the best processes which benefit the customer the most.”

Svendborg. Rome. Yemen.

Morten’s work stretches far beyond his office in Svendborg where he is based. He has been with Danoffice IT since 2015, and in his current position since 2020. This has created a deep-seated collaboration with some of the world's leading relief organizations – and specifically with the largest food relief program on a global scale which helps to ensure that millions of people have drinking water in the largest hotspots in the world. This is also where technology plays a critical role. “In several of these areas where I have large contracts in collaboration with Dell Technologies, there are civil wars and many live below the starvation line. The IT equipment is critical as it ensures that as many people as possible are provided their rations and, furthermore, the system must ensure that the relief does not end up in the wrong hands and thus on the black market,” he says.

This is exactly where Morten plays a very key role in the collaboration with Dell Technologies. “CSR work is very close to home for Dell Technologies and this is where there is a strong overlap between our and their view of the world. They help to make a difference in the world by their presence, so this is without a doubt a partner from which I am proud to receive an award,” Morten Pihl concludes.

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