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Mette Hylander, Marketing Manager & PR

Since we in May 2021 made it public that Danoffice IT had acquired edgemo – and that we were to merge in 2022, many of you have asked: What will the name be? What about the brands? And now we can finally reveal, that the edgemo brand will indeed continue to operate and exist in the future. This will also be the case for Danoffice IT! We will continue forward as the brand, you all know very well, but now as a part of Danoffice IT. Npvision will now operate under the edgemo-brand with a subtitle referring to their expertise.

Around 1st of April our site in Allerød will relocate together with edgemo’s Albertslund site to at new Office location in Ballerup, Denmark (see photos). We are all looking very much forward to this – a new beginning with new possibilities, new strengths – and a new, bigger family.


Not breaking news

"The announcement, that we will continue with both the edgemo and Danoffice IT names, may not be breaking news for you and your colleagues. Our customers and partners will still have their daily dialogue with 'Claus, Camilla, Morten and Mette'. Our early announcement of the naming strategy is primarily for the sake of our colleagues. It's good to know, that the incredible number of tasks, which a complete name change would trigger, is not in our 2022 calendar. It gives us something to relate to with regards to the tasks we already have. Last, but not least, the peace of mind for many of us. Now all of us know what to write in the email address. And there are indeed employees, who’ll get a new email address ", says Lars Baun Jensen, CEO of Danoffice IT.

The significance for you as a customer or partner

It so may be, if you’re a supplier to us, that you will have to invoice a different CVR-number after 1st of April. Or, if you’re a customer, discover that a different logo than usual appears in our materials. But no matter if you are greeted by Camilla from Danoffice IT or Michael from edgemo, it does not change the way we are. What you are happy with today, you can expect going forward. Concerning all the practical stuff, we’ll know much more of before too long – We will keep you posted about whatever matters to you.

Practical matters are by far all of it. When we adjoin multiple companies, we’re also adjoining people and cultures. If you find yourself in an organization with multiple sites and business areas, you know very well, that the culture – i.e., humor, jargon, and togetherness – can vary from area to area. Despite differences, we can still share the same storytelling. We spent the last six months uncovering and mapping the differences and similarities in our cultures by extended conversations, surveys, and help from experts. No doubt, it is a good investment, that we have showed due diligence to exactly this.

If you would like to know more about, who we are, and what we can do, you are obviously very welcome to contacts us. Or browse around at danofficeit.com or edgemo.com on your own.

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