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Camilla Møller Dahlgren, Logistics Account Manager

The war in Ukraine as well as the sanctions and restrictions caused by it, affect international transport in relation to arrival/departures, transit times, freight capacity, and prices. edgemo’s freight specialist, Camilla Møller Dahlgren, keeps you updated on shipments domestically and internationally.

Much will depend on the duration and extent of the war as well as the sanctions and restrictions imposed on Russia by the EU and USA, among others, along with any suspension of services by the airlines, shipping companies, and railroad operators. However, longer transport times and higher rates are inevitable.   

The situation is currently changing from day to day. As such, please be mindful that the following is a current snapshot of the status when this page was updated. Contact us if you need a current status.

Limitations on transport

In the course of the most recent days, the airfreight in particular has escalated. Generally speaking, the rates from Europe to Africa and North, Central, and South America are more or less stable, however, still at an increased level.  

Airfreight: All transport to/from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia is currently suspended. As such, we cannot conduct freight to/from there.

Airfreight: The airspace over Ukraine and Russia is currently impacted by flight restrictions. In addition to that, all Russian airlines are subject to sanctions and therefore cannot be utilized. Right now, that means a reduction of flight capacity as well as rerouting of routes primarily between Europe and Asia that would normally be flying over eastern Europe.

Train/Rail: Intercontinental rail service between Europe and Asia through Russian territory has currently been suspended. There has been follow-up on abolished transport routes, but any transport that has not yet departed must be rebooked as shipping, airfare or a combined shipping/airfreight solution.

Shipping: Shipping, which is generally at high capacity, has also been impacted because several shipping companies suspended their service to/from Ukraine and Russia. The expectation is that a large amount of cargo will need to be rerouted for instance from airfreight or rail to shipping which could put additional strain on the capacity particularly between Europe and Asia.   

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