Consulting Services

Consulting Services make up a large part of the edgemo people. These are highly certified Infrastructure Specialists – consultants whose skills and personality help ensure our stable place in the market.

Citrix & Citrix Cloud is a large specialized area of expertise, which works across various areas of the business and not in a vacuum. This area covers all aspects of the Citrix arena and we have the best skillset in the market in both the classic version and what we refer to as “the new Citrix”. This is where Citrix Workspace plays a central role in Citrix’ venture into the Cloud arena. What this means is that we can assist your organization in all aspects whether your solution is On-Premises, in the cloud or a hybrid thereof.

Since edgemo was conceived in 2011, Citrix technologies have been one of our areas of focus. This is true to such an extent that several people believed we only served as a Citrix servicer. 

Among other things, we offer:

  • Analysis and validation
  • Guidance, design and Proof of Concept
  • Implementation, migration and optimization
  • Operations assistance

This is where the ability to think outside the box has led to edgemo delivering many complex solutions for private and government organizations -big and small, national and international.

See examples under our cases.



Citrix Workspace, Citrix Cloud
Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops
Citrix Content Collaboration
Citrix Hypervisor, ShareFile
Citrix ADC (NetScaler)
Citrix SD-WAN, Citrix HDX 3D Pro

100% Consultants

We do not use the concept of pre-sales, we use our consultants. From our first meeting to a job well done, our consultants provide valuable insight which in the end provides security and a better result based on better estimates and pricing - along with a more precise plan.

We do not have junior or senior consultants, but we only hire the best, both from a human and professional view.

In a series of profiles, we offer you insight into the people behind edgmo under the common title: Meet an edgemo. You will have a look into the professional experience and the personality since it makes good common sense to tell you who you are getting, when you do business with us. See selected profiles below or all the profiles under Contact. 

Partnerships & Certifications

We are proud to have some of the highest certifications in the business within the area of Citrix and Citrix Cloud. This provides us with access to exclusivity for solutions and a high level of support.

We Share our Knowledge

When you are passionate about what you do, you have a natural desire to share your knowledge.

Follow along in the articles, travel reports, and news of the edgemo people and participate when we host seminars, networking groups, workshops or attend international conferences

Three Delivery Structures

Since 2015, we have been at the forefront of the development of IT services which means that today, we provide a well-renowned array of services both for cloud services and managed services.

As an example, we have developed a unique platform for delivery of fully configured PC's, smartphones, and tablets. This service together with the other edgemo services offers you the opportunity to outsource the entire logistics along with the software maintenance of the units.

Put together a package from our three delivery structures that fits your business:

  • Do it yourself with the hardware and the licenses - we will of course guide you along the way
  • Do it together with our Infrastructure Specialists in Consulting Services
  • We do it for you by using our edgemo Services

View a snippet of our concepts and services in the menu - and read about the end-results in our cases.


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