DOP2go, Datacenter OnPremises

Get the flexibility of the cloud world while you maintain full control of your IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an agile and flexible way to get your server and storage infrastructure – a service typically offered by Cloud Service Providers such as Microsoft Azure and Hosting Providers. In certain environments, this can create too rigid parameters. As an example, a small extra virtual machine will cost an additional set monthly amount, whether you order it from a Cloud Service Provider or a Hosting Provider. And, if you order it from a Hosting supplier, the SLA for delivery of a new server can often be surprisingly long.

Private Cloud is the Solution

A Private Cloud offers you the flexibility of the cloud world and ensures that the company can maintain full control of the infrastructure. A functional Private Cloud solution is complex to create and requires special skills to maintain and optimize. Therefore, many On-Premises servers and storage environments are created as traditional virtualized environments.

DOP2go is edgemo’s IaaS, which gives you the flexibility from the cloud world, full control over your infrastructure, and at the same time, it liberates you from operational tasks in the solution’s must vital layers which are the hypervisor layer and the hardware. edgemo is responsible for operation, monitoring, and maintenance of the hypervisor layer including management of backup.  

You will be provided with a self-service portal from which you can easily create, expand, and maintain your virtual machines – without needing the skills to operate complex management tools.

DOP2go is Customized to Your Specific Need

DOP2go is sized to your needs and will include various options for backup including an off-site placement of the backup. You can also obtain access to a firewall and you can add on monitoring, operation, and maintenance of your virtual servers.

Our Datacenter service catalogue also provides the addition of access to Managed Services on Exchange and Skype for Business Server, Office 365, Azure Workload Governance and IaaS. All of this with a guaranteed SLA of your choosing.  

People with Experience

Our team of specialists have vast experience in operation, monitoring, and maintenance of the hypervisor layer and backup component behind DOP2go.

Three Delivery Structures

"Not everything fits in the same box" -there is a difference in starting point and need. Particularly when it comes to the area of datacenters, we see a clear need to adjust the service up or down based on need.

Since 2015, we have been at the forefront of the development of IT services which means that today, we provide a well-renowned array of services both for cloud services and managed services.

Put together a package from our three delivery structures that fits your business:

  • Do it yourself with the hardware and the licenses - we will of course guide you along the way
  • Do it together with our Infrastructure Specialists in Consulting Services
  • We do it for you by using our edgemo Services

View a snippet of our concepts and services in the menu - and read about the end-results in our cases.


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