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Set up plug-n-play monitoring in less than one hour. Anywhere from 2 to 1600 servers. Customized to your operation. Contact us to try out NOC2go for free for a month.

Monitoring should be saving time for your business. You should be saving the time spent on setup and updating monitoring. You can do so by subscribing to our monitoring service NOC2go.

  • Provide your end-users with peace of mind
  • Save money on your IT operation
  • Obtain an overview you can pass along
  • React swiftly to relevant warnings

NOC2go is based on Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and has a user friendly web interface which provides you with a simple overview. Normally, it would take 5 days of implementation as well as a monthly maintenance day to maintain SCOM, NOC2go can be operational in less than an hour.

NOC2go is installed as an agent on your server. Monitor your operation on a pc, tablet, cell phone, or the big screen and get customized dashboards that are made to fit your IT operations and allow management and co-workers to obtain a quick operations status.


Get started with just 10 easy steps

In less than one hour, you can have your IT monitoring operational. It is free for the first 30 days and runs with no issues alongside your existing monitoring,

  1. Create a profile with edgemo Services by completing the form above or contact us
  2. Get the following ready: a virtual server and a service account that has access to allow for installation of a service agent on your servers
  3. Ensure that all ports are open between the servers, the virtual server and os. We will be happy to provide you with the port numbers if you would like.
  4. When you have been set up, we will send you an installation script which you will need to run on your virtual server. You will also receive a link with access to your management portal
  5. The software will register itself while you go make yourself a cup of coffee :)
  6. Log into your management portal
  7. After approximately 10 minutes, the virtual server is visible in your management portal. When that is there, you can install the agents on your servers. If you have a lot of servers, send us a list and we will install the agents free of charge.
  8. Now you are ready to go. All relevant Windows OS and Help State matrixes on your servers and network units are now monitored.
  9. Profit – respond to relevant warnings and spend time on your business rather than spending your time on installing or maintaining the alarm system itself.
  10. We actually could not come up with a tenth step. It is just that easy to get started with NOC2go.

Our team of specialists with vast experience in implementation and maintenance of monitoring solutions are behind NOC2go. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, desires, feedback, praise, or critique.

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