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When we give our employees the option to work with tools they love, they are inspired to give it their all. Empower your users and transform the way you do business with Apple solutions for organizations of all sizes.

The Apple devices are created with the goal of creating a fantastic user experience. Just as Apple does, so do we at edgemo believe that the user experience must be at the forefront. That said, it cannot compromise all requirements for security and operation. Our focus remains clear: We want to create productivity through the end-user experience.

Apple has granted edgemo its authorization because we adhere to Apple’s strict requirements of education, among other things. We know the ins and outs of the Apple products and we are no doubt and quite frankly very excited about what Apple’s products and services can accomplish for the users. Together, we create the right solution based on your needs and with a clear focus on the end-user experience founded on edgemo’s Services and Apple’s devices. Vestas’ Vice President for Global IT, Troels Fleckenstein, expresses it very well in the case story of our cooperation:

”We have nearly 80,000 wind turbines in operation all over the world. We are growing with rapid speed. We must optimize our processes in three important areas. Security, speed, and scale. And Apple’s technology delivers in all three areas.”

Sustainable and a Wise Investment

Apple devices have a high resale value and last for many years. Because of this, we offer to purchase your old Apple devices. We take care of deleting all data and the devices will be given a new life in approved markets. This is both environmentally and socially sustainable. Furthermore, it ensures the users access to the newest Apple technology in a sound manner.

Apple Business Manager – This is Apple’s roll-out platform which also assists in sustainable re-purposing while also offering clear overview and user friendliness. This is because the Apple devices are implemented and administered through zero-touch and over-the-air, nice and easy! This is an experience energy and telecommunications corporation Norlys/eniig was presented with when we helped them put this solution on their Mobile Device Management system (MDM).

”This is truly a great thing what we have here and now we can circumvent the perception that all by definition must have the brand new devices from Apple. Now we can roll back and prepare the used devices to make them operate as if they were new.” IT Operation Manager, Flemming Hvid Kristensen, explains in the case story of our cooperation.

The minimal support, high re-sale value, and flexible financing options all provide a lower TCO. We believe that this is a wise investment. Read and download Apple's pdf about Smart Investment.

Easy Management

It is easy and simple to deploy and manage the Apple devices in all types of businesses. When using Apple Business Manager, everything is managed by zero-touch and over-the-air.


Apple devices work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Whether you run Microsoft Office 365 or SAP, your users will experience a modern workplace.
Without problems.


Apple devices are “Secure by design”. Constant encryption, built-in security, regular updates and built-in measures against external threats secure your data.


Apple devices offer powerful hardware and intuitive software. Designed for productivity. Supported by company-specific apps from the App Store or those you develop yourself.

Greater Efficiency and Motivation

One thing is a having sustainable investment and easy management, but when it goes hand in hand with increased efficiency and motivation in your employees, the benefits become tangible. Vestas saved 400,000 hours of manpower and several million dollars annually in their transition to a pure Apple platform on mobile devices.  

”We have 24 factories all over the world. By implementing iPhone and iPad, we have improved our efficiency. And each warehouse employee has saved close to an hour a week. We have noticed a greater motivation because the technology no longer is a hindrance, but rather an aid.” Says Troels Fleckenstein, VP of Vestas Global IT in the case story of our cooperation.

Many employees prefer iPhone, iPad, and Mac because they improve productivity, creativity, and cooperation. Do you allow your employees to select their own tool? Give it a try, it is easier than ever to purchase, implement, and operate Apple devices.

Dear Administrator...

Whether your business is small or large, it is easy to deploy and manage Apple devices by using Apple Business Manager. We have to take the mobile devices seriously now as a result of the end-user experience and access to the company’s data. We must make a decision as to how we manage the devices and protect our data as well as how we manage support and maintenance. When you use Apple Business Manager, you have it all under control with a few clicks and if your company has five users or more, this platform will be your best friend.

Apple devices have built-in technology which enable them to be managed by an MDM/EMM system. Wirelessly. The user will either enroll the device or it can be done through Apple Business Manager. We believe it is critical to have an MDM/EMM tool and we can help in the deployment and management through our edgemo people experienced in Microsoft Intune whether it is an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.  

Support: Apple has several support options available for businesses spanning from the expanded AppleCare OS Support to hardware support through AppleCare+ for Mac, to AppleCare for Enterprise. Whatever the need, we can ensure that both the users and the IT department have the proper tools.

Insurance: Our insurance options for Apple devices ensure that you are protected should damage occur in the event of an accident, theft, and so forth. The insurance is in effect all over the world and ensures that the devices are serviced by an authorized Apple Service Provider. Every time. In addition to the practical benefits and the sustainability, the insurance contributes to better budget planning and saves time and resources within the organization.  

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