A subscription to software management

Modern IT operations require attention, and they requires man power. However, the resources for software packaging, maintenance, and security can be removed from the daily operation. They can be automated and placed in a service which will allow you to focus on development and business!

We were among the first in Denmark to offer Software Management as a service. The name of this service is SOFT2go. Today, this is a preferred service for several Danish and global companies.

Our customers do not need to keep skilled specialists in-house. Instead, they subscribe to the support of our 15 pre-packaged consultants and highly sought-after skillsets in automation and maintenance of software packages. Keep in mind, there are many reasons to keep a keen eye on the software updates…

41% of all attacks are carried out via infected software or software that has not been updated

This is not a fun fact! It does however emphasize that updating and maintaining the company’s software and applications is of critical importance for IT security in today’s climate. That said, it is important to recognize that things are interconnected and it is also critical for the user experience and in that, lies the ability to work effectively.

Do you want to try it out?

We offer a 30-day test period of SOFT2go with full access to portals, packages, and tools.

Sound familiar?

We are often behind on new updates. There are constantly security updates, but there is no time to update the base software.

We are required to pack our own company specific software. It is time-consuming and many often forget to implement standard protocols.

We need tools that will make scripting of packages quick and intuitive. Scripting of packages is an area in which a manageable functions library is necessary.

We install the applications manually. Adding the applications to SCCM can be difficult and because of this, the applications are installed manually from time to time which adds the risk of making the updates cumbersome.

The number of our tasks have increased after the Local Admin role was removed. For security reasons, the Local Administrator role was removed from the users, but it means that there are now situations in which the users need help with various tasks.

10 quick facts about SOFT2go

  1. We provide automated packaging export for InTune
  2. You can cut the time it takes you to build packages in half
  3. Import 400% faster to SCCM
  4. Direct access to specialist support – no waiting in line for first level support
  5. Download, administer, and edit more than 150 packages – or build your own
  6. Packages for all systems which can execute an .exe file
  7. Easy test of a package – even without a deployment system
  8. Direct notifications about new updates
  9. Intuitive plug-n-play designed web-portal
  10. STEADY cost! No billing per device that gets out of hand

What is included in the ”package”?

The SOFT2go portal: Here, you can download more than 200(!) different updated applications packaged for installation.

Package Engineer: Our packaging tool which cuts the time it takes to build software packages in half and which comes with templates that you can use for high-quality standards. You can also create your own templates. The packaging tool is independent from the deployment system.

SCCM Import Tool: Here, you can utilize templates to optimize the task by importing packages in SCCM.

Local Admin Service: Give users the opportunity to have local administrator rights in controlled conditions.

You can also order complete software packages tailored to your need and the terms are great in that you can have a volume deal: a software package punch card starting at 2,350 DKK per package.

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