PC2go, Supply Chain Services

When you need a new PC, the purchase and preparation needs to be uncomplicated and quick, yet the cost must be transparent and reasonable! edgemo delivers PC’s that are ready for use. It is almost as easy as getting a piece of candy in a vending machine. We call it Device as a Service.

edgemo’s PC2go offers you the easiest solution for ordering and setup of new hardware in all of Denmark and you are ensured full transparency on the price for the entire lifespan of the device. You also save time! We ensure day-to-day delivery in Denmark and few days’ delivery time for global deliveries.

PC2go is cost-effective. We would actually claim that you save 1,000.00 DKK per PC delivery. Do you dare to challenge us? Book a visit and we will do the math together.

How it is Done

You will place your order in the webshop. You will not be met with a confusing amount of differing devices and configuration, only those you have agreed-upon in advance and configured together with edgemo.

edgemo will prepare the device:

  • We will add RAM, anti-theft markings and prepare bios-password if needed
  • We will update software packages and your company’s own applications as well as enroll the PC in your domain
  • We will package the PC in a bag along with for instance extra power chords and send it directly to the user who will receive it the next day
  • We will monitor the entire process from order to delivery and we are also happy to take back the old PC from the user

Everything is done at our location in Hinnerup, meaning 100% in Denmark. Feel free to stop by the configuration center which prepares up to 2,000.00 PC every 24 hours.

People with Experience

Our team of specialists behind PC2go are highly experienced in logistics and staging.


"It all started with edgemo customizing our own ordering portal – here we can order our machines without actually having to directly contact edgemo. And the way it is built is a standard in itself."

Three Delivery Structures

Since 2015, we have been at the forefront of the development of IT services which means that today, we provide a well-renowned array of services both for cloud services and managed services. Put together a package from our three delivery structures that fits your business:

  • Do it yourself with the hardware and the licenses - we will of course guide you along the way
  • Do it together with our Infrastructure Specialists in Consulting Services
  • We do it for you by using our edgemo Services

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Make a Connection

Do you want to know more?

Complete the form and we will contact you no later than the following business day. You are also always to call at +45 6989 8800 or reach via info@edgemo.com – and in the Menu under Contact, you will find the contact information for all the edgemo people.