At edgemo we are doing our utmost to continue operations as close to normal as possible. All personnel of edgemo is working from home to the widest possible extent. Luckily edgemo is a company where we have the tools to work from anywhere. The phones are open and you can contact us as normal.

We are following the development of this crisis and adapt to the situation and we will keep you informed about consequences and countermeasures.

Read more about free licensces and other actions derived from the situation (Danish).

Ordering and delivery of hardware proceeds as usual and is so far unaffected

Even though most of the factories in China have reopened they have a hard time catching up to the demand in due time. Please be aware, that delivery times may be longer than usual. Especially delivery of “build-to-order” equipment is hit hard. But often we can find alternatives. Read more about how Corona is affecting delieveries (Danish).

In spite of many borders being closed we can still send most of our international deliveries as usual. The few restrains at the moment are:

  • Freight transport in and out of Denmark continues as usual.
  • Airfreight: Expect higher transport prices than usual. Passenger air traffic, which is also used for goods, has been affected. The alternative is freight aircraft, which is often more expensive than regular courier-air transport. Especially pallet goods are at the moment difficult to get into countries like the US and Turkey.
  • Couriers: edgemo's primary transporters have their own aircraft fleet. As they don't transport passengers it's business as usual for them.

Please contact us for a dialogue to see how we can help. The phone numbers are the same even though we are working from home.

Visitors from edgemo

If you have booked an appointment with an edgemo consultant, you will be contacted by the consultant in order to arrange for a reschedule, remote assistance, or online meeting. We will still visit you, if it is deemed necessary and reasonable to both parties. edgemo can help in limiting the spread of this virus by helping you facilitate you in your own countermeasures.

If you have any questions regarding the procedures about remote assistance you are very welcome to contact your edgemo consultant or your sales representative.

No changes in our Services

Our Services are in normal operation. There is no changes in our deliveries of Cloud Services and Managed Services.

Online meetings vs. physical meetings

We encourage having online meetings instead of physical meetings i.e. with our Business Relationship Managers. We have several tools for this and are happy to invite you.

Questions, comments or in need of help?

If you have any questions or comments regarding edgemo’s handling of the COVID-19 situation, or do you need help, you are of course very welcome to contact us.

You will find contact information of all edgemo employees here.


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Udfyld felterne, så kontakter vi dig senest næste arbejdsdag. Du er også altid velkommen på +45 69 89 88 00 eller - og i menuen under Kontakt finder du alle edgemo people's kontaktdata.